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Men's and Women's apparel store: remastered antique and vintage prints, classic leather sandals, and fine tailored summer dress pants.


We are in the process of setting up international production, however you can browse and select items now, and be notified as soon as they're available. This is a small operation, and the logistics of going international take time, your interest helps us know what items are in demand and where to place our attention. Notification not only mean you'll get it sooner, but as thanks you'll receive a 20% discount on the item once available...

Coppola Apparel shirt



Relaxed oversized uni-sex button-up shirts, featuring remastered and reimagined antique and vintage printed patterns, on an exceptionally light Rayon fabric. Natural Textco certified dyes capture our historical motifs in intricate, subtle and reserved tones. The dyes have a natural fade which age gracefully, while the fabric softens in a casual drape with time.  

       Our prints are sourced from 15th to 19th century textiles, found anywhere from Turkish markets to European Museums. Sometimes only small fragments of remaining fabric, their patterns are carefully remastered over months, and then reimagined into patterns which capture the historically particular aesthetic essence of the textile and translate it to wearable apparel. Our shirts are unique center pieces, which become casual everyday favorites.



$130 - $220USD

Hand-crafted leather sandals that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with subtle modernity, a product of Coppola Apparel's commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each design seeks an understated sophistication through a reserved yet innovative interpretation of classic sandal forms - without indulging in superfluous design embellishment for the sake of brand identity. Whether you're dressing up for a summer's night out or simply strolling along the beach, our sandals elevate any outfit with their understated yet refined aesthetic.



Coppola Apparel's High-waisted pant collection. Fitted summer dress pants made with 100% Italian wool.

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About us

Coppola Apparel is a clothing brand that blends timeless elegance with subtle modernity. Our designs seek an understated refinement through a reserved yet innovative interpretation of classic forms and patterns, without indulging in superfluous design embellishment for the sake of brand identity and marketing. Our philosophy is rooted in an appreciation for the beauty, craftmanship and detail of the past.